Refund, exchange, questions -- let our professional support staff handle it for your customers!There is rising dissatisfaction with the level of customer support available with Internet commerce. Too often, customers simply cannot reach a human for problem resolution or for assistance in the installation or use of a product acquired from a web site.

We strongly urge our clients to take a pro-active role in providing customer support. If you have your own telephone staff, they should be trained on the most likely operational questions that will be generated by the introduction of a web site into your sales venue. This training should include the ability to handle general operation questions about the use of the computer equipment and browser software used to access your web site. This capability is as natural as the ability to give someone driving instructions to your retail location, even though you are not in the business of selling cars.

For clients who do not have a support staff, we offer a trained staff of professionals who will respond to your clients. Without any instruction, they can deal with the general set of computer and Internet questions that are likely to arise. With the integration of your customer policy and procedures, they can field an expanded range of customer issues, including refunds, returns, product exchange, repair instructions, shipping delays and installation and use of your web products or services.

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