The quickest and most cost-effective way to get started.There are many advantages to having your web site reside on our server computers. One of the most significant is the cost of communications. We already serve a varied customer base, using enough Internet network capacity to qualify for significant discounts. Placing your web site on our servers allows you to take advantage of our low cost.

By using our hosting service, you also avoid the capital expense of equipment and the personnel cost related to maintenance and operation of web servers. You are free of concerns about software updates, hardware migration, backup discipline, system maintenance and the myriad details associated with proper operation of a server system.

Our equipment is connected to the Internet through T-3 lines to two different backbone providers, so the connection is available even if one provider experiences an outage. All material stored on the server is backed up daily. We use redundant disk array technology with hot spares, so there is virtually no chance of data loss or disk-related downtime. We maintain backup servers so that we can be back on the air in a matter of minutes even in the event of a catastrophic server failure.

If and when it becomes more appropriate to operate your own server, with its attendant communication and staffing needs, we will be happy to assist you with facility design, equipment and software acquisition, site setup and training for your staff! Please refer to "On-site Setup" for more information.

Our BHE Terms of Service apply to all hosting services provided by BHE.

To report any illegal or disruptive activities (such as copyright infringement) involving a site we host, please contact our Designated Agent.

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